Killeen City Manager Kent Cagle, through the city’s communications office, refused to explain why council members on Tuesday discussed a petition to decriminalize marijuana in closed session.

“Mr. Cagle will have no response today,” Killeen spokesman Marcus Hood told the Killeen Daily Herald on Thursday after several questions were sent to the city manager through Hood. | 254-501-7460


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Since Ken Wilkerson, Ramon Alvarez and Riakos Adams want to appease potheads and support illegal drug abuse, I see no reason to support them in the next election


I agree...I would not ever support these guys, for any position, and Minor, Fleming and the other pro weed people make me nauseous just to listen to them or read the nonsense they put out.


I'm confused. Why is this even a story? Cagle explained that the executive session was for legal consultation and that a public hearing on the matter will be held next week. Pushing for a agenda, KDH? A waste of copy to me.


I agree. Sometimes executive sessions are necessary as well as being legal. This is one of those times.


The crime capital of Texas, Killeen, might end up decriminalizing "whacky weed".

However, if you don't partake of the weed, it would be wise NOT to do so after the PURPORTED decriminalization.


Because the federal and state laws remain intact, whacky weed is outlawed.

Chaos will rain down upon the crime capital of Texas, should the whacky weed be proclaimed the preferred "mind altering" substance of the crime capital.




Even if the city decriminalize, this opens the door for a whole new set of laws that can and will be used.

The city of Killeen is in bell county Texas, that means the county can enforce the law with in the city limits of Killeen. That means bell county sheriffs can and more than likely become the enforcement on this.

Than you have the state, the state laws do not change, this means that because the city of Killeen is in the state of Texas, that the state can enforce the law, many do not know that a state trooper is not just a high way traffic cop and can be used to enforce state laws. Which means the state can and will use the state to enforce the laws.

Than if the state wants to, the state can stop funding to the city just like the federal government can.

Rather one is for or against this, the way this group is going about it, can and will effect all of the city citizens.


I really hate Killeen becoming known for what it is recognized for now....High crime,.... murders, robberies, a large drug culture, and a large section of the city that is just shameful....Killeen had definitely gotten a bad reputation now, and if we pass this "ordinance", it will even be worse. ..I hate it. Killeen used to be such a nice place to live and work.

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