Killeen council contact information updated

This information, listed on the City of Killeen Staff Directory website Wednesday morning, was updated by late afternoon following an inquiry made by the Herald. It now lists the current council members.

Even though they started their terms months ago, the City of Killeen updated its website Tuesday to reflect the four newest members of the City Council.

On Nov. 15 of last year, the Killeen City Council welcomed Mellisa Brown, Ken Wilkerson and Rick Williams as its three newest elected members. On Feb. 22 Terry Clark was nominated, then sworn in on March 2, to the seat left vacant by the late Jim Kilpatrick, who died on Jan. 5 due from COVID-19.

As of 3:45 p.m. on Wednesday their names and contact information were on the staff directory page, and the names of former councilmembers Jim Kilpatrick, Juan Rivera, Butch Menking and Gregory Johnson had been removed. The website still had the names and contact information of the former councilmembers earlier in the day, when the Herald asked Killeen spokesman Hilary Shine why the information was outdated.

Shine did not reply the Herald’s questions Tuesday, but the website was updated hours later.

As of Wednesday morning, other than not having a photo for Brown posted, the profile page, separate from the staff directory page, for the members did appear to be current. | 254-501-7463

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This is news. Lol


😂 You should speak to Holly Teel, unless your afraid it might offend someone. Councilman Williams was speaking to Mrs.Teel outside of city hall, and another candidate comes around in her car yelling and so mad she actually shouts at him for speaking to Mrs.Teel. Good thing Mrs Teel is not the type to post the video. Just wondering what the other candidate meant by, are going with her.

I guess when the city chose Kdhnews as it's main news media, it is easy to control what is printed in the news.

Maybe it is time the city of Killeen Tx to look at the other news sources in the area.

Talk to Holly Teel, she is actually very nice and is not the monster that some city council members/ political party/ candidates painted her as.

Vote Teel, stay Golden and vote for freedom

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