Ethics is expected to be a point of discussion for the Killeen City Council during a workshop meeting Tuesday evening.

City staff are expected to present the draft ethics ordinance to the council members.

Along with definitions and applicability, the draft ordinance lays out the standards of conduct, the creation of an Ethics Review Board and the enforcement of the ordinance.

Potential penalties for violating the ordinance, as described in the draft, include a letter of notification, a letter of admonition, a letter of reprimand, recommendation of suspension or recommendation of censure.

The draft ordinance came about after a special workshop meeting on June 26.

Mellisa Brown, Rick Williams, Nina Cobb, Ken Wilkerson and Jessica Gonzalzes participated in the workshop as voting members while Mayor Pro Tem Debbie Nash-King presided over the meeting in Mayor Jose Segarra’s stead.

Holli Clements, one of the assistant city attorneys, had several questions for the council members in the June meeting to answer so the city could publish a draft of the ordinance.

She constructed lists of what the ordinance could include based on similar ordinances in other cities around Texas, to include Corinth and Lakeway.

The workshop meeting will be preceded by the second public hearing about the upcoming fiscal year budget, which is slated to begin at 5 p.m. in the council chambers of Killeen City Hall, 101 N. College St.


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One thing I have learned about politics is the politicians lack ethics.


Like so many of the ordinances that remind me of an really old person… no teeth.

Oh my let’s spank their hand. Better yet send them to time out.

You cannot legislate decorum and civility.

You ask people who can barely keep a checkbook straight to oversee $100 million budgets.

Then they start drinking the koolaid and become self important, because those around them keep feeding the helium so they are euphoric.

Now you are gonna ask them to play nice. Good luck with that.

We need good paid professional people that know how to budget and get things done without all the back patting. People who are judged by performance standards and not a group of well meaning PC retired government workers who are products of tax and spend having never a budget to try to come in under. Heaven forbid we don’t spend more . Ethics are needed but would be unnecessary if the best of the best ran this city in a forward looking sustainable way.

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