No-knock warrants discussed

Nick Bezzel, of the Elmer Geronimo Platt Gun and Rifle Club,speaks against no knock warrants at the Killeen City Council workshop on Monday.

He called for the city to find an alternative to such warrants, citing the case of Marvin Guy, the Killeen man facing murder and other charges following a 2014 no-knock narcotics warrant served on his home, in which a Killeen police detective was fatally shot.

“That’s a failure of law enforcement,” Bezzel said, noting that this is not just a local but a national issue.

Later in the workshop, the council unanimously passed a motion of direction on this matter. Specifically, it directs Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble to make a future presentation on the issue, and that KPD policy be updated into the form of a city ordinance.

In another matter, Killeen resident Patsy Bracey spoke in support of installing metal detectors at Killeen CIty Hall.

“We can’t wait for a tragedy before we take actions on this,” Councilmember Shirley Fleming said later in the meeting.

The council subsequently passed a motion of direction to bring back for further action the proposal to have metal detectors or wands placed at City Hall.

Today’s council meeting will begin at 5 p.m. in the Council Chambers at 101 N. College Street. For those unable to attend in person, both will be web streamed live and archived for playback on the city’s web site, They will also be broadcast live on Spectrum Cable Channel 10.

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