Terry Clark

Terry Clark

Following a closed meeting Monday, the council unanimously approved the nomination of former Killeen City Councilman Terry Clark to the District 3 council seat.

Clark’s name was put in nomination by Councilman Ken Wilkerson. Also under consideration were former Councilman Jared Foster and Nina Cobb, a candidate in the May 1 council race.

Mayor Jose Segarra said that the decision to nominate Clark, in addition to his being “the most impressive” nominee, also stems largely from the council’s original intent not to nominate someone on the May ballot for the council seat. This represented the deciding factor.

Clark served on the Killeen City Council from 2011 to 2015.

“We went through all the applications that were submitted,” Segarra said.

The District 3 seat has been vacant since the recent death of Councilmember Jim Kilpatrick.

The council will vote on whether to appoint Clark to the seat at next week’s meeting.

Read more in Tuesday's Killeen Daily Herald

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Terry Clark is a good choice, and at least he follows the rules.

Following the rules, laws and ethics is the biggest part of being a city council members.

Trust and transparency is the foundation of a city. City council members and or candidates are not above the rules, laws and ethics.

Once citizens lose trust in thier city council, the city loses long standing citizens and tax payers. This puts a city on the path of higher taxes, high crime, and corruption.


Same old politics we just keep getting recycled councilmen what a waste this town will always be lagging behind im sure there were other choices that we want hear about . same good old boys club and wilkerson is no differrent

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