Traffic Signals

This new traffic signal at the intersection of Clear Creek Road and Golden Gate Drive will discussed for approval at Tuesday's Killeen City Council meeting.

The Killeen City Council expected to vote Tuesday on whether to spend $100,000 as a contribution to the new traffic light that is up and running at the intersection of Golden Gate Drive and Clear Creek Road in west Killeen.

Last week, the item was brought to the council during its workshop meeting and there was a lengthy discussion about whether the council should have to pay anything for a project that is already complete.

Bubba Purser, a well-known local developer, paid for the light at around $420,000 and is asking the council to contribute $100,000 back to him. He said it is only equitable for the council to pay him that amount because they are going to get a light that they would have had to build in the future for “a quarter on the dollar.”

However, Councilwoman Melissa Brown said she does not think it is right for Purser to come to the council now after the project is complete and ask the city for money. She would have preferred if Purser came to the council prior to building the traffic signals at the four-way intersection.

“I would have been more willing to pay the fee if you had come to the council before the light was built with full expenses,” Brown said during the Tuesday meeting.

Councilwoman Debbie Nash-King also chimed in during the conversation saying that she doesn’t agree with the procedure that Purser took but that she sees how the city will be saving $320,000 on the project that they would have to pay.

Purser’s new housing development is adjacent to the intersection, along with a new elementary school being built by Killeen ISD.

On the city’s staff report for Tuesday's meeting, it says that “the Killeen Code of Ordinances describes the process wherein the City may enter into an agreement with a developer to construct public improvements related to land development. Under such an agreement, the developer constructs the improvements and the City participates in project costs. The City has previously identified the need to participate in the construction of the traffic signal and associated intersection improvements to be located on SH201/Clear Creek Road and Golden Gate Drive intersection which will serve current and future areas of development along SH-201.”

Clear Creek Road is also known as State Highway 201, and the traffic signal project had to have the approval of the Texas Department of Transportation, according to TxDOT spokesman Jake Smith.

The city’s staff report says that Purser initially asked the city for 30% of the project costs, or $126,037.50, but he agreed on the $100,000 price tag, which was in the city’s annual budget.

Purser could not be reached for comment prior to deadline Monday.

Also during tonight’s meeting, the council will be voting to approve or deny the construction of two traffic signals that would cost them over $540,000. The first is at the intersection of Clear Creek Road and Bunny Trail and the second is at the intersection of West Elms Road and Tallwood Drive.

The meeting will begin at 5 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall, 101 N. College St., Killeen.

For those unable to attend the meeting in person, it will be web streamed live and archived for playback on the city’s website, It will also be broadcast live on Spectrum Cable Channel 10.

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