After voters in Killeen approved a measure to decriminalize possession of misdemeanor amounts of marijuana on Tuesday, enforcement of that section of the Texas Controlled Substances Act has ended inside the city limits.

“No arrests will be made for misdemeanor possession of marijuana,” according to a “special order” issued by Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble on Thursday. “In lieu of a marijuana arrest, officers will not arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia or drug residue.”

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As a 64 yr old white man who has been a Texas resident since around 1966 as well as a Christian. I feel with the medical uses and benefits for marijuana it needs to be legalized very soon. It's not a gateway drug as too many think. We have managed senior communities in San Antonio, Austin, and Shreveport La seniors want it passed due to illnesses. I personally have major migraines, ruptured discs, major pain, COPD that this would help yet I can't use for I wouldn't use it illegal at my age. This proposition in Killeen and harker heights should have passed and this chief police has no right to try to appeal it when voters wanted. If he's going to appeal it then voters need to get him out of his office or his position and any other public held office needs to be removed by voters if they are going to oppose it ever been legalized. This is just my opinion as well as thousands of other voters across this state for this state is changing as well as the United States is changing as we can see in the polls across this country.


“But most importantly, (it’s) because it removes a tool our KPD uses — the smell as probable cause to do search" This is the quiet part being said out loud. The supposed odor of marijuana is literally the lowest possible bar to violating peoples rights against illegal search and seizure. But because every now and then they do find something its ok. Police can and do lie very often and its your word against theirs even if they find nothing related to marijuana. This is used often as a pretext to fish for other offenses when you have done nothing wrong and exactly why it shouldn't be a thing. Anyhow the people have spoken and with nearly 70 percent approving its very simple if the city council repeals then they will be recalled easily.

Deb Armintor

^ Truth ^. Also: Prop A goes out of its way not to contradict state law, so city officials should stop lying and spreading the misinformation that it does. Prop A was painstakingly written by Texas legal experts to comply with state law, and includes all sorts of qualifications, compromises, and exceptions for compliance. Fortunately, Killeen and Harker Heights voters are smarter than most of the elected and hired city bureaucrats quoted here.

Respect to Killeen's police chief for humbly enforcing the new law and the will of the voters. Council and staff need to listen to the voters and do the same.

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