Retired Police K-9 Jaxx

The Killeen Police Department are raising a paw saluting and bidding farewell to one of their K-9s, who officially retired from his service this month.

K-9 Jaxx finished up six years of service with KPD on July 13, according to a Facebook post from the department. Jaxx is a Belgian Malinois-German Shepard mix, who began working with the police department in 2015.

The crime fighting K-9 served beside Killeen officer Scott Gillman for several years until Gillman was switched to a patrol shift, according to a staff report available on the Killeen City Council agenda for a July 13 meeting.

“Officer Gillman was recently transferred to a patrol shift and by the nature of his new assignment, it is not feasible for him to have a K-9 partner,” the staff report stated.

The report, from Killeen’s police chief Charles Kimble, said Jaxx had approximately 18 months of service life remaining, but due to costs of training and the time commitment required for transition to a new handler, Kimble said it would not be cost effective or reasonable to have the K-9 go to a new handler, only to retire in a few months.

Gillman will have ownership of Jaxx, and the Killeen Police Department will be responsible for the food and medical care of Jaxx for the remainder of his life. Funds for this have been allocated in the Fiscal Year 2021 budget, with funds also being allocated in future budgets to cover expenses.

The police department wished Jaxx a happy retirement in a post on July 23.

“We salute him for the six years of service to our community and the Killeen Police Department. Happy retirement Jaxx.”

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I find it amusing and sad when a police dog gets more recognition then soldiers in Killeen! Every day we have soldiers retire or even die but they seem to get less recognition every day in this new society that we live in.

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