Patsy Bracey 

Killeen resident Patsy Bracey announced Thursday she is running for Killeen city mayor in the May 7 city election.

Bracey has been in the Killeen area since 1966, and owned a business for 52 years.

Bracey has a lengthy resume as she serves on many Killeen advisory boards to include: chairman of the Senior Advisory Board, past chairman of the Parks and Recreation Board, member of the Aviation Board, Community Development Board, KCOP graduate, Crisis Intervention Program graduate, Bell County Deputy voter registrar, Texas Nursing Association, continuing educator for Nursing Home Administrators and Social Workers, and a American Red Cross Nurse Aide Training Provider.

Mayor Pro Tem Debbie Nash-King has also announced her candidancy for Killeen city mayor.

Killeen’s current mayor, Jose Segarra, is term limited by the city charter and not seeking reelection.

The filing period to run for the city election is Jan. 19 - Feb. 18.

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Excellent. We have an alternative to the unacceptable Nash-King.


Omg let’s hope someone else runs, Bracey would run this city into the ground. With Bracey running Nash-king is sure to be re-elected and more than likely the reason bracey is running to insure Nash-king’s re-election.


Kinda hard to run something already into the ground into the ground.

I suggest IQ tests for anyone running for office. We know blacks routinely use 'low IQ" as an excuse for murder death penalty cases, we should ensure we make sure our elected officials don't suffer the same concerns.



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