Body cameras

A Coban Technologies body-worn camera is seen. The Killeen Independent School District recently approved the purchase of 30 body cameras for their KISD police officers.

Killeen Independent School District police officers will soon be wearing body cameras at area schools.

The $24,000 purchase of 30 body cameras for Killeen ISD police officers was unanimously approved by the KISD Board of Trustees during a board meeting on Nov. 16. KISD Police Chief Ralph Disher encouraged the district approve his department’s request for body cameras during the November board meeting.

“Our officers are completely on board to putting these on,” Disher said.

The body cams, Disher said, would only be for incident-related calls.

“If they are responding to a fight call, or an interaction with a student that needs to report something, or trying to do it for investigatory purposes, then they’d turn it on,” he said.

The district’s police chief said the cameras would provide “evidentiary value first and foremost” while also providing “transparency” for KISD police officers.

“It reduces any complaints,” Disher said. “We don’t get a lot of complaints on our officers, but departments that have went to these (body cameras), about 90-95% of the complaints that went through are automatically taken care of because you have body cam footage that started right from when the incident started.”

Disher said the body cam camera footage would automatically upload to KISD’s system and it wouldn’t be allowed to be altered by police officers.

School police footage would be kept on file for a total of 180 days, he said.

Board vice president Susan Jones and board member Shelley Wells were absent Nov. 16 and did not vote on the measure. | 254-501-7567


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Do you really need body cameras in a high school in Killeen? If things are that bad then there are other issues which should be addressed.

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