Killeen woman Laticia Scott-Suesberry said it was emotional to unveil her invention of an all-in-one hair braiding device in her hometown last week.

Scott-Suesberry unveiled the hair braiding system for her Pink Peachez Hair Products at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center on Friday afternoon.

“It was a lot of emotions running through me, because I was scared; I didn’t know how people would receive it, but I got so much support,” Scott-Suesberry said in a phone interview Saturday morning.

The breast cancer survivor said she got the idea for the device while she was in recovery from cancer and during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

The new device is designed to allow a hair designer to do a lot of prep work for a client’s braids ahead of time, which she said could ultimately cut the time of the appointment in half.

Currently, it can take anywhere between two to eight hours to complete a braid for a client, she explained Saturday.

“The idea was just too amazing to take to my grave,” Scott-Suesberry said.

Scott-Suesberry said when she was packing up toward the end of the event, a woman came up and told her, “‘Your success is going to be as big as your support team.’”

“And that meant a lot to me, because my support team is my family — my husband, my daughter, my kids — even my friends and a lot of my clients from Killeen,” she said.

Scott-Suesberry owns L&L Phat Do’s Beauty Salon in Killeen.

Also during the process of creating the new device, Scott-Suesberry said she created a nonprofit called iHelp Centre that will do various things to give back to the community.

Portions of the proceeds for the new device will go to the nonprofit organization.

To order a model of the braiding device, visit


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