Killeen City Manager Kent Cagle (left) congratulates Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble on his retirement following a 31-year law-enforcement career, including five in Killeen on Thursday at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center on Jan 12. Kimble has signed a "temporary employee agreement" with the city allowing him to become interim police chief for three months, beginning on Feb. 13.

Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble has signed a contract with the city to become interim chief after he retires on Friday.

“I have confirmed that Mr. (Kent) Cagle has spoken to each individual council member separately in reference to bringing Chief Kimble back as the interim police chief until we fill the position,” Mayor Debbie Nash-King told the Herald on Wednesday. “It does not have to come before the council for a vote if it is under $50,000.” | 254-501-7460


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Something smells rotten in Denmark.

It makes no sense to hire him back AFTER he retires. They should have convinced him to delay his retirement by 3 months while they looked for his replacement.

This agreement will pay him a little of 10K MORE for 3 months of work than what he would have earned for the same timeframe if he delayed his retirement by 3 months.

Retire early AND collect an extra $10K.

Don't look now Killeen, but it looks like you've been hoodwinked, bamboozled and taken to the proverbial cleaners.


Financially responsible I would have hoped our City thought of being first. Was it not a consideration to temporarily place one of the two Assistant Chiefs into the Chief's position until a Chief is hired. Money cannot be allocated for Police Officer's increase in pay to retain Officers, but funds allocated to create this Position.


Doncha love these little sweetheart deals?



It would appear the City's leadership loves 'em.




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