The Killeen Police Department announced Wednesday it is investigating the death of a 44-year-old Killeen man.

Carl Fischer, 44, police said, was found unresponsive Tuesday evening, according to a KPD news release issued Wednesday afternoon.

Police responded to a “disturbance and an unresponsive subject” in the 1700 block of Windward Drive at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, KPD Assistant Chief Alex Gearhart said in a news release Wednesday.

“Upon arrival, Officers located an unresponsive 44-year-old male in the residence,” Gearhart said in the news release. “The subject was transported to Seaton Medical Center in Harker Heights where he succumbed.”

Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke pronounced the Fischer deceased at 9:53 p.m. Judge Cook also ordered an autopsy to be performed at the Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences.

Police said there is no apparent cause of death at this time. | 254-501-7567


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When I first moved to Killeen you hardly ever heard of shootings, robberies etc, except for the Luby's shooting. Seems to me there isn't a day that goes by where there is some sort of violence.


I agree, this is what happens when you have liberals running the city, crime goes up.


I do not think that the shootings and crime in Killeen have anything to do with any political views. I got stationed here in 99 and continued to live here after leaving the Army. I moved out of the city limits 8 years ago due to the crime and shootings etc going on within blocks of my home. It has not mattered if Dems or Republicans were in office locally, statewide, and nationwide. Once I retire from my DA Civilian job on post, I will be moving and will be sure there is no military installation within 4 hours of my new home. Every installation I have lived at the towns were nasty like Killeen due to neglected military dependants, soldiers that got chaptered and the lower cost of living.

Of course all the above is my opinion.. but I will not be like the above and just toss a quick response blaming the party that I am not a part of.

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