The two congressmen who represent the Killeen-Fort Hood area are weighing in on a sweeping spending bill that just passed through House of Representatives on Friday morning.

After months of deliberation, the House voted Friday to pass the $1.75 trillion dollar spending bill dubbed the “Build Back Better Act.” Some aspects of the bill focus on clean energy and climate change provisions, a child tax credit, a federal paid family leave plan and expansions to medicare among other things.

Local congressmen — Reps. John Carter, R-Round Rock, and Roger Williams, R-Austin — released their statements on the passing of the bill, which spurred a historically long 8.5 hour speech in opposition from Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy R-Calif.

Carter, who represents Texas’ 31st congressional district, spoke with great disdain for the bill stating that Democrats “should be ashamed of themselves.”

“I cannot in good faith vote for a bill that my constituents, and the American people, have actively spoken out against and that would harm our economy, education system, and national security for years to come,” Carter said in a statement released Friday to the Herald. “It is absurd and infuriating to grant mass amnesty to illegal immigrants, empower the IRS to spy on American citizens, and allow taxpayer dollars to fund abortions.”

Carter said the bill establishes funding for a Civilian Climate Corp and a tax hike for small businesses, which he said adds over $350 billion to the national deficit.

Williams, who represents Texas’ 25th congressional district, called the bill a “socialist spending spree,” adding that it could have negative consequences for middle class families and small businesses.

“The American people deserve better than the Biden Administration’s determination to crush main street businesses, levy new taxes on middle-income families, and drive up inflation to levels unseen in modern history,” Williams said. “I opposed this disastrous legislation, and will continue to oppose any efforts from Comrades Biden and Pelosi to destroy capitalism and the freedom and liberty that Americans are entitled to under the constitution.”

The Build Back Better Act passed in a close House vote of 220-213. Senate Democrats have said they hope to pass the bill by Thanksgiving, according to an article by the Associated Press.

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Since the BBB was voted in, does this mean that Killeen city council can drop the 10.00 road fee for repairs, and the big road bond out.

If Biden administration is going to pass out money for infrastructure than the city of Killeen should not be collecting these fees and taking out bonds now.

Think about it, how are the democrats going to spin the reasoning why we need these extra fees and bonds when the binder admin is going to be passing out grants and free money.


We have runaway inflation devastating the middle class - and the Democrat party wants to spend trillions more on their communist fantasyland BS. This will destroy the economy.

They hate this country with a passion.


Congressmen Carter and Williams, thank you for your thoughts on the BBB Act. I only ask that you not boast about what this bill will do to help your constitutes that live and work in Bell County, when you didn't even vote for the bill. The BBB bill is designed to give the middle/working class a "hand up, not a hand out". Sometimes, you have to spend money, to make money. But then again, the GOP knows that.

Earl T.


We'll see which one takes credit first when things start happening in Central Texas

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