Living easy in the summertime isn’t all that simple anymore. People are in a hurry to move along with their busy lives and often forget to show gratitude for the little things, just as much as the bigger things. Sunday afternoon, a local Realtor gave residents a chance to stop and smell the flowers in her own way of showing gratitude.

Chalice Kosier threw a garden party at Grizzly’s Hidden Falls Nursery and Landscaping in Nolanville to show how much she appreciates her clients.

Kosier treated guests to free beverages, chips and salsa and priceless advice on selling their homes. There was even a DJ to spice things up, while customers strolled the many aisles of lush and fragrant plants at the nursery. She even had a few garden tips to share. How about a crape myrtle for your front yard? It’s a simple, yet beautiful ornamental plant that could catch a buyer’s eye.

Kosier is a real estate agent with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Homecity in Belton. She’s been a Realtor in the area for over 20 years. Kosier did business in Austin for a brief period before making her way back to Bell County where she is from. Though the demand isn’t as drastic, Kosier expressed that it’s definitely booming here in Bell County.

“This area is really growing.” Kosier said. “You’re getting a lot of people moving and people from Austin.”

Right now, Kosier said the market is leaning more in the favor of those looking to sell. For instance, some property values in northern Killeen have seen an increase of around $5,000. The seller’s market looks appealing, but Kosier said it’s a bit tough with a smaller inventory. However, it’s still a refreshing change from last year.

“I lost two listings right when the pandemic hit,” Kosier said.

By March, the market was truly suffering. But now, things are looking up. So why not celebrate?

If you or someone you know is looking to sell, now is a good time, according to Kosier.


Ben Gillilan, military veteran and the owner of Grizzly’s, has found much success at his new location in Nolanville. He said business has been fantastic.

Previously, the nursery was on Stan Schlueter Loop in Killeen. Gillilan said business wasn’t nearly as good as it is today.

What started as a small landscaping business grew into a field full of crape myrtles, vegetable plants and native Texas flowers. Not to mention, it’s run by a staff with more expertise than any aspiring gardener could ask for.

To learn more about Grizzly’s and plan a visit, go to

254-501-7553 |

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