Dezba Terry of Killeen, an Army veteran and single mom, was given a $10,000 Home Depot gift card from Home Builders Institute and the Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity during a ceremony in Killeen Thursday.

The winter storm back in February was hard on a lot of Texans, and Terry was one of these Texans.

A combat veteran, and former Killeen ISD employee who worked with at-risk students, and a single mother; Terry found herself in a tough situation when the storm caused significant damages on her home.

“I even had a contractor come out to work on the house but he ended up bailing on me, and I was left in a jam. But being a part of Bring Everyone in the Zone, they were able to get me into contact with Habitat for Humanity,” Terry said in a statement.

Bring Everyone in the Zone, based in Killeen, is a nonprofit organization that helps service members and their families.

Ken Cates, the CEO of Habitat for Humanity-Fort Hood, said that the damages caused to Terry’s house was making the home “unhealthy”.

“Black mold was beginning to grow in her house, and of course, with her having kids in the house, that’s never safe,” Cates said.

As Terry showed up to Home Builders Institute to share her story with the students and the press on Thursday, officials quickly surprised her with the $10,000 dollar gift card.

“I cannot believe it,” Terry exclaimed when they handed her the card.

“When you’re going through something, don’t be afraid to reach out. And don’t be afraid to talk to other veterans because we help each other, just like how iron sharpens iron. I would never have known about Habitat for Humanity, if it wasn’t for Bring Everyone in the Zone,” Terry said.

The Home Depot Foundation was the primary donor of the $10,000 dollar gift card to Terry. | 254-501-7553 


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Thats awesome! I must say TEXAS residents are great a helping people out. Reading Facebook about people needing help and the responses are just remarkable. Texans and many organizations are very supportive!! Love it!!!

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