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A man takes a video of Julie Oliver’s speech at a news conference where she along with Louie Minor, Stacey Wilson, and Shirley Fleming passed off the petition to get marijuana decriminalized in the city to the city secretary at Killeen City Hall on May 25.

How can something illegal under state law be ignored by a city law?

It’s a question some Killeen residents are asking as an effort to decriminalize marijuana in the city gains traction, moving towards a possible vote on the November ballot. | 254-501-7468



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You people who are against weed are some of the most hypocritical people walking on the face of the earth. Weed as you call it was put here by God. You people don’t have a problem with alcohol and opioids being legal… problem with assault rifles and high capacity magazines being sold. But somebody sitting in the privacy of their home smoking weed is so terrible. Why don’t you . And there is no more dangerous creature on the planet than a white man with an assault rifle. Oh and it’s okay for a ten year to be forced to carry a baby. You people are just dumb, insane, and ridiculous.


FreshAir??...Poison oak was put here by God, ..why don't you chew some the next time you get anxious. .....How are you saying what everyone else thinks about alcohol, guns, abortion, or anything else for that matter. You don't have a clue what many people think about any of those subjects, but you claim you do. .and...check your crime stats, ..see who is the most dangerous in our society...You talk a lot, should try reasoning and really thinking before you open your mouth......


Minor, Fleming, and their cohorts should be so ashamed, but they do not have enough intelligence, common sense, or character for that to happen. ...So the NAACP is for legalization? Interesting...and very, VERY sad. ...More black and brown people are "singled out" to be arrested for weed? Just why is that? How are they "singled out"? Are you saying that they use more weed?... ...The weed on the streets today is much stronger than ever before. Government agencies now say that 2 out ot 10 young people 18 or below that start using pot will become addicted. Is that really what you want...more people addicted to drugs,... be it pot, crack, cocaine, meth, Phen, or whatever?..And yes, weed IS a gateway drug...Do you want your children smoking weed as soon as possible?....Since we are talking about "legalizing" a drug, breaking a state law in Killeen, that we know is harmful to sooo many people...why not just legalize a little crack, meth, coke...? All of the users of those drugs will give you good reasons why they use them and how using enhances their lives, right?...Are you going to try to say that weed is not a drug? If you do, you are past dumb. It is proven that weed is addictive, and yes, it is a gatway drug........I will watch with great interest just what council members vote for the legalizing of weed...and which ones have the courage and intelligence to vote against it. ..Killeen already has a criminal reputation that is shameful...let's not give Killeen more of a reputation for drugs and crime, which it is becoming known for.


This should be done the right way, the right way is to go to the state capital, petition the state, call on your state rep, speak at the hearings, and so on.

I am for decriminalizing, I also know that if Killeen jumps the gun, the gang problem is going to double. Killeen will be a free for all and a turf war. Killeen will become a safe heaven for those that transport, disturb and sell. This will draw Gang wars and Killeen will see a increase in sells and gangs don’t like to share.

Fight the state is u want to really change the law, but don’t use Killeen city as a democrat political stunt for votes. This local democrat party has really destroyed Killeen and bell county. I walked away from the democrat party because of bell county democrats.

Just a shame that more and more democrats re walking away because of political b.s, stunts, and just outrageous lies. This democrat party will not be happy till they bleed the city and bell county dry.

Once again the democrats have to stick their noses where it don’t belong.

I will vote against it only because the bell county democrats are involved! Yet I will still fight for it to be done the right way by speaking at state level and using actual facts and not sticker and taking freedom of speech and rights away from people.

Put a sticker on your forehead so we all know who u r !


Promoting drug abuse is one of the reasons I am voting against Minor and Hildner. Those two are unfit for any office.


Don, I will never vote for Minor or any of the politicians that vote for the legalization of pot. ..They will prove by voting for this measure they do not deserve to be representing Killeen. ...I will do everything I can to make sure they, or anyone else on the council , are never reelected for anything concerning governing KIlleen, if this measure passes.

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