Mayor Debbie Nash-King talks with Killeen Daily Herald about the topics covered and voted on during the April 25 council meeting.

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Just moving to the area in the last month. And uhm. This is the best we got? What is a self-contained container? I live where this lithium battery storage thing is supposed to is not on Cunningham??????? It's Featherline Mayor. Someone should have done a better job of teaching her how to read a map. I didn't get back to the city in time to come and speak against this. The storage is good, but why there when you have other places with lower property density...dumb, dumb, dumb. How can the Fire Chief say we are safe, when all the fire and safety people say it is new technology and they don't know what the long term effects a fire could be. And uhm, when did water put lithium fires out.... When is the next election?

Michael Fornino

" I don't have my glasses - somebody needs to read this for me. " was comedy GOLD. Total coincidence the mic stand already set up for the Communications Director to do so.

We know it was to avoid her committing crimes aganist the English language reading that proclamation.

Oh...1) He is the COMMAND Sergeant Major. You should know that one *cough* 2) The Colonel absolutley made mention that he was III Corps Commander during his remarks.

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