Military connected families in the Killeen and Fort Hood area received Christmas meals from the Killeen Food Care Center on Tuesday.

The food care center in partnership with the Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN) provided the food to 500 families that drove through the food care center parking lot and had the meals loaded into their vehicles by volunteers.

MFAN is a virtual group of military spouses that go around the country locating places where food insecurity exists within the military population and trying to fix that problem.

Erin Kahn, the response manager for MFAN, spoke about the decision to bring food to Killeen and the Fort Hood population.

“We’re looking to support the military families here on Fort Hood. We do an annual research survey every two years and two years ago our research showed us that military family food insecurity amongst the participants in our survey was highest in Texas,” Kahn said. “That led to us making the decision to start a food insecurity response program and we’re starting here in Texas so we reached out to Raymond and his incredible team here and this is kind of our first big event in this community and … we’re looking to really support this community here.”

Raymond Cockrell, the executive director for the food care center, spoke about the meaning to the local military community.

“The community where I was born and raised and the military means so much to us in this community so what an honor and what a blessing it is to provide meals and food for our military families. We believe that no one in our community should go hungry, especially our military families at the holidays,” Cockrell said.

April Burgos-Rodriguez and her family just moved back to Fort Hood and her, her husband and their three kids are working to get restarted.

“This actually means a lot, my family just moved back to Fort Hood about two months ago so we’re just getting restarted, we moved here with just this car here, my kids and whatever fit in it so we’re starting all over again so this is very helpful,” Burgos-Rodriguez said.

Families received chicken, a gift bag full of food for a Christmas dinner as well as bread and pastries, according to Cockrell.

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