Killeen city council unanimously voted for re-zoning of a possible bookstore/library located at 910-912 West Avenue I.

A new bookstore is planned for the north side of Killeen after the Killeen City Council unanimously voted for re-zoning of its possible building location on Tuesday.

Hussain Abdullah, of HA Homes LLC., plans on opening a community bookstore/library and a co-working space at 910-912 West Avenue I. The surrounding community is made up of a mix of commercial developments of varying densities.

“We notified 36 surrounding property owners,” said Tony McIlwain, executive director of planning and development services for the City of Killeen at the council meeting. “We did receive a response of support from Mr. David Pennington, the owner of 922B on West Veterans Memorial Boulevard. It sits right along the edge of a general residential area but this is a perfect location for re-investment in north Killeen.”

After McIlwain spoke, Abdullah was asked to speak about the project.

“The work that HA Homes has done, we want to continue that,” he said. “I am proud to give back to the community.”

During the meeting, Abdullah thanked Words Unite Bookstore for partnering with him on the proposal.

Killeen councilmember Debbie Nash-King supported the proposal, and thanked Abdullah for giving back.

“There are two things we can never have enough of and that is a bookstore and a library,” she said. “That is education, that is a place where you are constantly growing and getting knowledge.” | 254-501-7562

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