COPPERAS COVE — With a crowd of supporters in attendance, Copperas Cove resident Shawn Alzona was sworn in Tuesday evening as the newest member of the Copperas Cove City Council, taking the oath administered by Lisa Kubala, the Copperas Cove Municipal Court associate judge.

Alzona took his place on the dais as the elected member for Place 3 in time to hear the results of a community survey that was conducted last year.

The city will take those results and the comments into consideration as it plans for the future.

Alzona defeated challenger Scott Remalia in a Dec. 7 runoff by a vote total of 222-138. Alzona’s vote totals accounted for around 62%, while Remalia’s amounted to around 38%.

Alzona nearly avoided a runoff, coming a handful of votes shy of winning the election outright in a three-way race on Nov. 2.

On that November night, Alzona received a total of 734 votes and Remalia finished with 379 votes. William Greg Smith, the third-place vote-getter from Nov. 2, received 372 votes.

Alzona’s 734 votes in November were just shy of the 50% plus one needed to win it outright.

Alzona ran for the position after Mayor Dan Yancey effectively resigned the position when he filed to run for mayor.

Alzona, a 22-year retiree from the Army, said during his campaign that his main issue right now is growth.

He said during his campaign that the city can capitalize on the growth that is happening in the city.

Along with serving on the city council, Alzona is a member of the Parks and Recreation Quality of Life Board.

Alzona is employed in the grocery industry.


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