A former car dealership in south-central Killeen has been converted into a food truck park, and area residents are excited.

“You don’t have to drive, you’re saving gas and we’re trying to bring everything to Killeen,” said Tevin Johnson of the new Killeen Food Park.

Johnson was part of a group performing live entertainment for the park’s grand opening Saturday along Fort Hood Street.

Johnson said one of the best things is that people don’t have to drive to Austin to go to a food truck park.

“Everybody wants a little food truck in their life,” said Nolanville resident Gilbert Cisneros.

At the park, 3101 S. Fort Hood St., food trucks will be there on a permanent basis, according to Tashia O’Neal, one of the co-owners.

The park offers outdoor seating and indoor seating with a refreshment bar. O’Neal said she thinks what makes the new park unique is the “homey” atmosphere.

“The way we designed it is so you can feel comfortable, like at home,” she said.

Killeen resident Doug Doty commented on the indoor seating area.

“The way they did this room, it’s just really inviting,” he said.

Doty also said he liked the concept.

“I think it’s an awesome concept,” he said. “You have different choices of food.”

O’Neal said she and all of the co-owners are Christians, and the idea of the concept came in a dream that she and her husband thought was from God.

“The dream was so vivid that we just ran with it,” she said.

Currently, there are four food trucks at the park — Simply Good Burgers, Hurricane Soul Food, Yeah She Rollin and La Palapa Mexican Grill.

O’Neal said the park has space for about six food trucks, and a Puerto Rican food truck recently signed a lease to set up at the park.

Food truck vendors looking to set up in the park can contact O’Neal or any of the co-owners on the park’s Facebook page.

The hours of operation for the park are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 12:30 to 6 p.m. Sunday.


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Wow Really Ghost!.. I’ve never heard of a food truck coming to someone’s house...

I’m in favor of the food truck park and think it’s a great idea!! Thanks for bringing something new to this area..


This is just dumb. Food trucks are supposed to go to you not you to it.

Like alot of other pe6i know, we get sick everytime we eat food from a food truck.

Look at them closely, most of them are not very sanitary.

There are those that are but, not that many


Its always one person to Spew negativity when something new and positive comes to town. It is a GREAT idea. A variety of food in one area along with indoor or outdoor seating! Great idea. Food truck are inspected just like restaurants so there goes your theory. Im glad they followed their dreams and took a chance. It’s time we get some fresh ideas in Central Texas!


I will support the food trucks.

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