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Joe Goodson of the group Concerned Christian Citizens holds up a photo of a KISD Career Center bulletin board from March during Killeen Independent School District's board meeting Oct. 26. Goodson said he objected to the content of the billboard, which featured a transgender activist, as part of a Women's History Month display. CCC's complaints about the bulletin board continued during a board meeting Tuesday. 

In a crowded Killeen Independent School District meeting room Tuesday, members of a group calling itself Concerned Christian Citizens gathered to voice their objections to the teaching of social issues in KISD schools.

Group representatives at Tuesday’s board meeting were Pastor SaDallie Cole and teacher Joe Goodson, along with two other parents, Sharon Rhodes and Nancy Hoxworth, who is a retired KISD teacher.

The group began in March after Goodson brought his concerns to the KISD Career Center when a picture of transgender activist Marsha P. Johnson was pinned on the bulletin board during Women’s History Month.

Goodson explained this isn’t about exclusion of these groups but instead wanting schools to focus on education rather than social issues.

“On the far-left corner, we had the transgender flag and pictures of two men on the bulletin board during Women’s History Month,” Goodson said in addressing the board. “We have a complete clash of ideologies in education, and we need a policy that is neutral to both groups,” he said.

Pastor Cole said, “You are the mediators towards the parents and the head. You are not the bad guys, but you are the mediators.

“At least, give our children the choice on what they choose to learn,” Cole told the board.

The group believes strongly that the discussion on LGBTQ topics should between the students and their parents.

“We believe that our students should be learning about mathematics, science, and English rather than social issues” said former KISD school board president Terry Delano in a phone interview prior to the meeting. He said he joined the group after being concerned with a focus on social dialogues in KISD schools.

Retired KISD teacher Irene Andrews originally came to Tuesday’s meeting to address the district’s lack of a face mask mandate, but after hearing Goodson and Cole, she quickly included her concerns into her speech.

“After hearing the last three people, I come to this board to tell you that as an out lesbian, I am very concerned with what I have heard. I am not here to address what they have said, but I will in the future. We are a diverse community, and we should not disappear,” Andrews said.

Cole, Goodson and Delano make a similar talking point of wanting to have “a policy of neutrality”. They said this means having a policy that allows both Christian and LGBTQ people within KISD due to the group feeling as if they themselves have also been discriminated against.

When asked if there may be concerns over the group being discriminatory or spreading hate speech, Cole responded that he believes that people should be able to agree to disagree.

“I don’t hate anyone. I might not agree with them but I do not hate anyone. I just hate the policy and I believe that the parents should have more of a say in what their children are taught,” Cole said.

Delano, who wasn’t able to attend Tuesday night’s meeting, shared some of the same thoughts as well earlier in the day.

“I don’t hate anyone. Actually, I would love to have a conversation or a dialogue with anyone who may disagree with me or the group.”

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Property taxes pay for schools Therefore, parents DO LITERALLY OWN IT!!’

We don't care about their opinions and we don't like their values. Stick to the basics, math, civics, how about grammar? Bring back cursive!

I say that we need to remove all our children from these dens of evil. There is nothing more important than protecting your children.

Who do they think pays for public schools? About 50% of my property taxes goes to schools.


Parents in every city, town & state in America must stand up and stop the grooming of their children by everyone in the so called educational system. It’s a haven for pedophiles hiding in the open. It MUST end.



It’s time to send this deafeningly loud and crystal clear message to Leftist politicians and school boards, administrators, and teachers:

WE are paying YOU to teach OUR children reading, math, FACTUAL science, and FACTUAL history. We DON’T need you to teach them ANYTHING other than that. You WILL NOT indoctrinate our children with your communist ideology, “critical race theory”, and immoral and deviant sexual practices.


“They said this means having a policy that allows both Christian and LGBTQ people”. Are they are making it as LGBTQ is a religion? You know people of the community can also be Christians too. Why are we separating the two? We should be taught to love thy neighbor and mind our business when it comes to people preferences and private lives. If we want to be considerate of all religions, schools shouldn’t celebrate Halloween, Christmas or thanksgiving to respect all religions and preferences since school “should only focus on education” if they are going disagree against one they should disagree against all. Not just what makes them feel comfortable.

Wayne Jefferson

Yes I agree with them..we should be teaching them American values to pass to the next generation. Shouldn't be masking them up attempting to change their the socialist posters of Stalin and Lenin..same idea same results


I used to work with Joe Goodson. Joe doesn't have a neutral view towards anything in life. I personally have witnessed him proselytizing during school hours, as well as constantly teaching with an aggressive anti-liberal bias. He doesn't want any viewpoint other than his own narrow one to be allowed in school.


With Kisd failing all the children they shouldn't be worried about social issues PERIOD. They need to focus on actual school subjects, and as s parent that's exactly what you should be focused on your children learning as well.

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