Abortion walk

A group of pro-choice protesters were marching around Copperas Cove Saturday afternoon.

A group of pro-choice protesters were marching around Copperas Cove this afternoon.

The protesters were holding up signs that said "My Body My Choice" and "Pro-Choice - Anti-Abbott."

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott recently signed a new law limiting when abortions can be done in the state.

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Interesting how all the pro abortion folks are already here. Nobody ever considers the baby's choice.


Why aren't people more responsible? There is no excuse for someone getting pregnant. If you have health care birth control is cheap or cost nothing at all. Another option is the morning after pill. If you cannot afford the other 2 options free clinics pass out condoms like it's candy. I agree with abortion if there is a problem with the fetus or if the pregnancy was a result of a rape. Try being a bit more responsible.

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