KISD Protest

Irene Andrews, of Nolanville, a former Killeen ISD educator and great grandmother to three KISD students, protested outside KISD Tuesday demanding a mask mandate as COVID-19 cases rise statewide.

Dozens of teachers and parents plan to meet at 5:15 p.m. today for a rally outside the Killeen ISD headquarters to encourage the district to adopt the stronger mask policy during tonight’s board meeting. Currently, masks are optional at KISD.

The administration offices are at 200 N. W.S. Young Drive, between Veterans Memorial Boulevard and Rancier Avenue.

The Killeen Educators Association, which represents hundreds of KISD teachers and other staff members, is also in support of a mask mandate at local public schools.

To date, KISD Superintendent John Craft has said he won’t require masks because it would go against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s July 29 executive order that prohibits local government bodies, including school districts, from issuing mask mandate policies.

As of Friday, 58 school districts and 10 counties in Texas had imposed mandates, defying Abbott’s order.

The Texas Supreme Court on Friday ruled that districts can proceed with mask mandates — at least temporarily — while the legality of the governor’s ban is argued in appellate court.

The Texas Education Agency said the ban is not being enforced due to ongoing litigation.

Board agenda

During this evening’s meeting the school board will review the KISD Public Health Guide for 2021-2022.

Among the changes in the guide is the reimplementation of the COVID-19 dashboard on the district’s website. The district had been tracking COVID numbers internally since May, but now they will be viewable by the public as well.

In another change, the district will notify all parents and employees of a specific campus or department when there is a new positive coronavirus case. That policy took effect Monday.

Also during the board meeting, the trustees will consider a resolution that would provide 10 additional days of leave to fully vaccinated employees who contract the coronavirus. The additional leave would also apply to those who, per a doctor’s order, are unable to get a vaccine.

Trustees will also consider hiring a “Chief Medical Officer” who would provide support to the district’s nursing staff, COVID-19 mitigation plan, campus and department thresholds and the facilitation of general health services across the district, a news release from the district said Friday.

To view the KISD board’s full agenda and attachments in advance of the meeting, go to

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. and also will be streamed live at and on KISD TV Channel 17.

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Butterfly Lady

Here we go again arguing about mask, And those crazy people saying that others are pushing mask on them, and their kids. I wonder what are you all gonna do when your child is laying up in the hospital about to die??? I do not want my children getting sick because you don't want your kids to wear a mask. This is not about liberals, Republicans it's about innocent children who deserve to live, and not die due to the stupidity of ignorant people [angry]


Then have your kid wear a mask and leave everybody else's kid alone. MASK DON'T WORK you ignorant stupid woman. But they do cause your kids bacteria and germs to be trapped against their mouths all day. Children need to breath fresh air. How DARE you think you and others like you get to tell other people that their children are not allowed to breathe fresh air like we were created to do. How dare you tell other people they have to keep their children muzzled like dogs. Try researching for yourself the effects of masks on children's mental and physical wellbeing.

Our enemies use documented behavior modification psychology to make the public do themselves what our enemies could never do by force. If people would actually researched behavior modification psychology, they would realize that they are being manipulated into destroying themselves and their own children. So lady if you want to destroy your children with a bacteria laden face diaper you go right ahead.

Did you put face diapers on your kid before 2020 every time the flu season came? Oh by the way what happened to the flu? Did you know that CDC admitted that those stupid face diapers can't even stop smoke particles which is way bigger than a virus? Do you know what they wear in lab where they study viruses? I can tell you its not a face diaper. If this is so deadly why are there not hazardous waste bins for all the dirty face diapers? Try doing some freaking research you idiot.


Show up for the no mask mandate rally same time same place.

People need to be responsible for themselves and not push thier responsibility onto others. People need to accept thier own faults instead of blaming others.

Why do you need ten extra days off if your vaccinated?

Why is more people with the shot getting sick?

Same reason they have to change the normal flu shot every year. The normal flu always changes, it evolves every year, so each year you have to get the new updated flu shot.

Wear a mask get a shot, that is your choice. Just remember it's not your choice what others do.

I don't believe in abortion, what I do believe in is the right for a person to choose what is right for them.

A parent as the right to choose for thier child, a teacher and other parents have no right to force thier beliefs on another parent.

Being an American means, being free to choose your dreams, to choose your job, to choose your religion, to choose who you love, to choose to be an individual, and most of all freedom of choice.

Be safe.

5:15 pm stand up for freedom of choice, individualism and the your rights. Wear mask if you want that is your choice, stand together to save your right to choose.

My body my choice.


I was not able to show up for counter protest, I wanted to be there but I was not able to leave work. Unlike these people who get paid to stay home I don't have that luxury. I hope enough good parents showed up.


Wearing masks or not should be left up to the parent/individuals discretion. Last time I checked I was an adult and could make that choice for myself. And for my child. Take your liberal ideology and go to China or Russia or even California. But just leave that up to the parents. Stop pushing your liberalism on to these kids. It’s enough that schools are teaching CRT. We don’t need this.

Killeen patriot

So once again, the Herald's blatant liberal bias is on display for all to see. Where is the article describing the parents and teachers who are going to the meeting tonight to counter protest, and demand the district continue to leave the wearing of mask in its proper place. Parents and individuals should decide whether or not to wear a mask. You know, the district has not stopped one person from wearing a mask if they choose to wear a mask. Why is it so important to these bleeding heart libtards that mask wearing be forced upon everyone? It is starting to feel like I live in communist Russia and it is the cold war.

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