Greg Abbott

Gov. Greg Abbott speaks at the Capitol in Austin on Jan. 28.

After a mass shooting on Saturday at an Allen outlet mall ended with eight people dead, Texas Republicans are doubling down on their resistance to gun control legislation.

A gunman used an AR-15-style weapon to open fire on shoppers on Saturday afternoon, killing eight people and injuring at least seven others in the suburb 25 miles north of Dallas. The massacre ended when a police officer, already at the scene, killed the gunman.


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I'm sorry, but more gun laws are not the answer. The gun/s used in this horrific episode did not decide that morning to get in the car and drive to the outlet mall and shoot random people. No, they did not! A person with mental issues - who was discharged from the military because of mental issues - decided to get his gun and drive down to the outlet mall and shoot random people. People wake up!! The idiot that drove his Range Rover into a crowd of people killing several, I don't see anyone wanting to make suv's or Range Rovers banned!! It's the person who uses the instrument of destruction and not the instrument itself whether it's an suv, a knife, their own hands or a gun. This is a mental health issue and not a gun issue. And if you cannot acknowledge that fact, then the kool-aide has taken ahold of you.


Idiots think creating new laws will save them from psycho's intent on doing them harm. New gun laws won't help anything when nobody wants to enforce the law already on the books.

The weapon involved in a mass killing is irrelevant. There's still a law against murder but they keep turning criminals loose faster than the cops can lock them up.

Once again, a good guy with a gun, stopped a bad guy with a gun. We didn't have this problem back in the days of State Mental Institutions, The crazy's were locked up where they couldn't prey on the rest of society. Now days we're more worried about hurt feelings of those who would cut our heads off.

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