The Killeen Independent School District board of trustees will be revisiting the proposed middle school rezoning for the 2020/2021 school year at its meeting Tuesday.

Also at the meeting, the board will discuss KISD Superintendent John Craft’s contract renewal/extension and his compensation.

Craft’s current salary is $310,000. The superintendent received a $42,287 annual pay raise in February 2019.

In addition to giving Craft a 15.8 percent raise from his previous $267,712.82 annual salary last year, the board extended his contract through June 30, 2023.


The reason for the rezoning is the opening of the new Nolan Middle School off Warriors Path in Harker Heights.

The proposed rezoning plan would impact over 2,000 middle school students in the district for the 2020/2021 school year, according to Taina Maya, the district’s spokeswoman.

With the proposed attendance zones, some of the current Eastern Hills attendance zone students would attend the new Nolan Middle School and some of the current Manor attendance zone students would attend Eastern Hills Middle School. The other middle schools that would be affected by the rezoning are Liberty Hill, Live Oak Ridge, Palo Alto, Union Grove and the current Nolan Middle School on Jasper Drive in Killeen.

Eastern Hills, Union Grove and the new Nolan Middle School are in Harker Heights, and the remaining affected middle schools in KISD are in Killeen.

In other business Tuesday, the board will receive a guaranteed maximum price for the building package of the new high school under construction on Chaparral Road with a price not to exceed just under $119 million. The high school is part of the 2018 bond, and was budgeted to cost $171 million, which includes other costs including the building package.

The board will also discuss a renovation project at Roy J. Smith Middle School to turn three computer labs into classrooms to alleviate the need for portables at the school. The project will cost the district $750,000 and will be paid with funding from KISD’s Strategic Facilities Fund if it is approved.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. at the district’s administration building, 200 N. WS Young Drive, in Killeen on Tuesday.

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I believe the Superintendent’s salary is excessive. Teachers deserve a pay increase before Superintendent.


I think the Superintendents salary is excessive to begin with and does not need to be raised. A 15.8% increase last year is far above national cost of living increases. KISD is taxing us into poverty.


Amen.. This salary increase is ridiculous.. Teachers are barely making ends meat and lets not talk about all the other KISD staff who barely makes $100 a day, but deal with all the day to day BS. Super aint in these schools getting cursed out, hit, and flat out disrespected by these students and their parents.. Oh Hack Noooooooo and what about the little guys who deal with special needs kids that wear diapers and all other disorders.. Lets call this horse dump what it is.. We need all KISD employees to get a 15% raise across the board this isn't fair at all

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