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Some local Walmart pharmacies have started carrying two COVID-19 treatment medications. Both are intended to be used to treat mild-to-moderate COVID-19 in those who are at high risk of progression to severe COVID-19. The drugs are available by prescription from a health care provider.

Killeen-Fort Hood area residents testing positive for the coronavirus may be able to receive a prescription for one of two medications that Walmarts across the state began carrying.

Walmarts and Sam’s Clubs began carrying Paxlovid and Molnupiravir on Thursday as part of the U.S. Federal Retail Pharmacy Therapeutics Program, the retailer announced in a news release.

According to the link provided in the news release, the following Walmarts are participating:


3404 W. Stan Schlueter Loop

1400 Lowes Blvd.

3801 E. Stan Schlueter Loop

Harker Heights

2020 Heights Drive

960 E. Farm-to-Market 2410


2604 N. Main St.


6801 W. Adams Ave.

3401 S. 31st St.


1710 E. Central Texas Expressway

“We are committed to working with our state and federal partners to provide access to new treatment options like authorized COVID-19 antiviral medications, as they become available,” said Kevin Host, senior vice president of Walmart pharmacy. “This offers customers the option to recover at home and helps reduce the burden on our hospitals and communities. As we have since the beginning of the pandemic, we’re proud to support our communities through everyday essentials, healthy food, vaccines, medication and other health care needs as we all work together to weather the pandemic.”

The medications are only available with a prescription by a health care provider.

Neither medication is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, but both have been authorized for emergency use. They are both intended to be used to treat mild-to-moderate COVID-19 in adults with positive results of direct SARS-CoV-2 viral testing, and who are at high-risk for progression to severe COVID-19, according to the release.

Paxlovid is approved for emergency use in children 12 and older, weighing at least 88 pounds, who meet the above criteria.

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Walmart always trying to kill people, first by smothering them with masks, then giving the death jabs and now this.


Pfizer’s antiviral oral drug Paxlovid that was developed as an early treatment for Covid-19 can cause severe or life-threatening effects if it is taken in tandem with other common medications including some anticoagulants, anti-depressants, and cholesterol-lowering drugs that are used widely across the US, according to a warning from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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