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Jonathan Hildner, a Democratic candidate for Texas House District 54, speaks with a supporter at Culture on the Square at Carl Levin Park in Harker Heights on April 16.

UPDATE: 10:57 a.m., Sept. 13 - The town hall has been postponed indefinitely due to State House candidate Jonathan Hildner (D-Killeen) having to travel out-of-state for a funeral, according to his campaign manager, Kenith Gonzalez. 

The Herald will update when the town hall has been rescheduled.



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Using ‘weed’ is a better choice that alcohol. Alcohol should be illegal. Weed was created by God. Vote Democrat. No one should go to jail for using weed. Mind your own business.


Alcohol can be very dangerous, as well as creating alcoholics and killing thousands every year. We are talking about marijuana. Because you have heart trouble, does that mean you want to have cancer, also?..I think not. ....Weed was created by God? So was poison ivy and poison oak...chew on those for a while.Go find a rattlesnake, pet it, and make it your personal pet. Remember, God created it, also.......................This IS my own business. My kids, my city, my community, my state, and my nation. I do not want it screwed up by a bunch of irresponsible woke, left wing potheads, who are full of bovine excrement.


A good reason to vote against democrats


Any bunch of people that would like to legalize something that they know will create an addiction for many, many young people, as well as adults, have my disdain, but never my vote. Weed is stronger on the street now than it has ever been, which is scary. ...No matter what the weedheads say, they know also that marijuana is addictive, especially to young people, and is a gateway drug. ..These left wing, woke people really should be ashamed, but of course, they are not.


Dictionary Definitions




The act of promoting someone to a higher job, grade, or rank, or the fact of being so promoted.

Support or encouragement of the progress, growth, or acceptance of something; furtherance.

Advertising; publicity.

How do I use "promotion" in a sentence?

Some people are always in promotion mode.

Some KILLeen people have a special Marijuana promotion going.


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