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Miguel Interiano, left, leaves Walmart with his grocery cart full of supplies on March 22, 2020.

Tricare customers who get their prescriptions filled at Walmart pharmacies will need to switch gears.

Tricare’s pharmacy network, Express Scripts, announced on its website that it will no longer be working with Walmart pharmacies, including Sam’s Clubs, effective Dec. 15.

The Daily Herald reached out to Walmart’s media relations office Saturday regarding Tricare’s decision to end its agreement with the company, which appeared to be sudden.

“We were surprised to hear Express Scripts ended our multi-year agreement to participate as a pharmacy provider for the Tricare network just a few days after Walmart and Express Scripts signed an agreement on September 30 for Walmart to serve these members for the next several years,” said Luke Kleyn, vice president of payer relations at Walmart. “We value our Tricare and DOD customers and are disappointed in Express Script’s decision and we have requested more information from them to understand their decision.”

When asked how Walmart will continue to offer affordable pharmacy services to military families, Kleyn said they have asked Express Scripts to consider honoring a recently signed agreement.

“We have asked Express Scripts to honor the agreement we both recently signed. We know many members of the military, veterans and their families rely on Walmart for convenient access to affordable prescriptions and this decision will limit their options,” Kleyn said.” We hope to come to a resolution to continue as a pharmacy provider for the Tricare network. Walmart will continue to offer everyday low pricing on generic drugs that can be accessed by all customers with or without insurance,”

Express Scripts said on its website beneficiaries can file a claim for a partial reimbursement of the cost of their medication when filing at a non-network pharmacy.

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