August Pfluger

Former Killeen ISD Superintendent John M. Craft (left) and U.S. Rep. August Pfluger pose with KISD students at the Pratt Learning and Leadership Center on Jan. 19. An aid to Pfluger said on Monday that the office in Killeen for his 11th District staff at the former Nolan Middle School has not opened.

Almost two months after Killeen ISD officials hosted an event welcoming U.S. Rep. August Pfluger to his new district home at the Pratt Learning and Leadership Center, the first congressional office in Killeen is still not open to visitors.

“The setup is not completed,” congressional aide Cayssia David said in an email on Monday. “There should not be any press related to the office opening as the opening has not been announced at this time.” | 254-501-7460


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Is it the Congressman’s fault his local office isn’t physically open yet? Or is KDH just “throwing shade” at the Republican Congressman?

What were the terms of KISD’s “enticement” for the Congressman to put his office in the KISD building?

How much is KISD charging him for rent?

Who is the responsible party to configure the KISD building so the Congressman’s office can be opened?

Who is doing the work and who is paying for that work?

Lots of interesting unanswered questions? Is KDH or the public really interested in the answers or maybe everyone is just hoping to hear that the Congressman has helped KISD to keep Impact Aid whole.

Journalism: things that used to make one say hmmm?

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