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Danielle Singh

Depending on how one were to evaluate Killeen Executive Director of Public Works Danielle Singh’s proposed salary for assistant city manager, it would fall either in the middle or toward the top.

The city of Killeen provided the city council with a survey of 23 cities (including Killeen) what they paid their assistant city managers.

According to the full list, which included cities in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston metro areas, the proposed $175,000 salary for Singh would fall slightly below the median.

Not factoring in the metro area cities, however, it would fall near the top, just below College Station, Amarillo, Lubbock and Waco.

The Killeen City Council will consider approving Singh as the new assistant city manager in today’s council meeting.

The list of non-metro cities and their assistant city manager salaries is below. Some cities have multiple assistant city managers. The list is from highest to lowest salary. All salary figures are from Fiscal Year 2020.

College Station: $195,479

Amarillo: $195,429

Lubbock: $195,050

Waco: $190,962

Waco: $190,962

Waco: $189,551

Killeen (proposed): $175,000

Odessa: $169,950

Lubbock: $169,443

San Angelo: $165,000

Temple: $164,819

Temple: $164,798

Abilene: $158,000

Wichita Falls: $156,064

Lubbock: $153,752

Harker Heights: $142,786

Longview (vacant since 2018): $135,959

Wichita Falls: $132,600


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That's a bold proposition considering the state of the city. Anyone winning this position is still losing.

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