The Killeen City Council will welcome three new members later this month.

Out of 10 candidates running for three seats on the council, Ken Wilkerson won the largest percentage of any candidate, with 16.4% with 13,794 votes, followed by Rickey “Rick” Williams at 15.49% and 13,022 vote, and Melissa Brown with 14.3% and 12,090 votes.

Current Councilmember Butch Menking was defeated for reelection. All three seats are for at-large positions on the council.

Wilkerson, a retired Army captain and business owner, thanked not just his supporters but the entire city of Killeen.

“There was a lot of hard work that went into it,” Wilkerson said Tuesday night. It’s been a long nine months. It’s time to get to work. I’m working for the entire City of Killeen.”

Brown was also reached by telephone.

“I’m so excited,” said Brown, a caretaker who regularly speaks at Killeen council meetings as a concerned resident. “I’m hopeful about how much I can help the city. I thank everyone who voted for me and put their support behind me. I’m ready to start the real work now.”

Williams, a retired firefighter and independent consultant, said his victory felt “very humbling.”

“I’m humbled by the display of trust the citizens have granted me,” he said. “I promise to look up to their expectations.”

Killeen voters also approved a proposition to abolish the additional sales and use tax within the City of Killeen; and adopt the sales and use tax within the City of Killeen at the rate of one and one-half percent (1.5%). The total sales tax rate will not change. | 254-501-7463

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