Lacresha Murray sustained non-life threatening gunshot wounds after being shot by an off-duty Copperas Cove police officer over the weekend.

The Copperas Cove woman who was shot by an off-duty police officer said Sunday that the aggravated assault charge he is facing isn’t enough.

“I think it should have been harsher,” Lacresha Murray, 36, said Sunday. “He tried to take my life.”

Former Copperas Cove police officer Eric Stoneburner, 45, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault causing bodily injury/use of a deadly weapon in the May 23 incident. He resigned from the Copperas Cove police force after 5 years of service prior to turning himself in Thursday at the Coryell County Jail, police said Friday.

“As a department, we cannot support Mr. Stoneburner’s decision to use deadly force in the moment and manner in which he did,” said Copperas Cove Police Chief Eddie Wilson during Friday’s news conference.

According to Murray’s account, she had been traveling in the 1500 block of Robertson Avenue on May 23 after going to Mickey’s Convenience Store, when she began to feel ill.

She said she did a U-turn to go to AdventHealth-Central Texas hospital in Killeen. As she was making the turn, Stoneburner sped around her and began driving slowly. Murray said she went around and passed him, and he began to tailgate her.

After trying to create some distance between her and Stoneburner, Murray stopped her car and got out to talk him.

Murray said she explained to Stoneburner that she was going to the hospital. That’s when she said he drew his weapon and fired at her several times as she turned back to her vehicle. Murray was struck six times in her upper left arm.

Murray said Sunday that she is still recovering from her injuries and is trying to move past the incident.

“Right now, I need to heal. I’m in a lot of pain,” Murray said.

Murray did not say whether she’d be pressing any charges, but said she has an attorney.

The Texas Rangers, a division of the Department of Public Safety, has not yet concluded its investigation into the incident, and is still holding a video as evidence. Wilson could not comment on the contents of the video.

The Copperas Cove Police Department is also doing an internal investigation to determine if any department policies were violated.

Wilson said it’s to early to determine which, if any, policies will change in the future.

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Can Can

@jameskirk. What throws me off by people such as yourself, is that how throwed off you really are. Just because someone has a past record or just a not so fortunate past DOES NOT GIVE THE RIGHT TO ANY MAN OR WOMAN TO ATTEMPT TO TAKE SOMEONES LIFE OR YET CAUSE INJURY! Think and research topics for yourself instead of following the wave. THIS YOUNG WOMAN WAS CONVICTED AT 11 YEARS OLD AND WAS EXONERATED( DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF EXONERATED?) AND THEN CLEARED, THE CHILD THAT DIED, DIED FROM INJURIES BEFORE MS. MURRAY HAD CAONTACT WITH THE CHILD. THE POOR CHILD DIED FROM INJURIES NOT CAUSED BY MS. MURRAY! Thank you God, it would have been another innocent person life ruined or gone. Do your research. Let God do the judging and work through the smart faithful people who have set this young lady free. To many innocent people of color, especially African Americans, have not had a chance to defend themselves due to bigotry, hate, assumptions, lies and biased thinking as well as stereotyping. You may not do any of those but what you did do was ASSUME she was guilty. Let the conviction of Derek Chauvin remind you and others that just because someone has a past criminal history of drugs or whatever, does not give anyone a right, whether blue lives or black lives, to take another mans life just because! Please remember April 20, 2021 for the rest of your life. Please, no ill feelings and God bless you


She was trying to get to the hospital but did a lot of stuff to avoid getting to the hospital. Let me get out of my truck and confront this total stranger I cut off and ask whats his problem and say I am trying to get to the hospital instead of just driving there. I would take what she says with a grain of salt considering she is the youngest person to ever be convicted of capital murder at the tender age of 11.

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