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After announcing that its director, Dr. Amanda Robison-Chadwell, was leaving earlier this week, the Bell County Public Health District did not update their COVID-19 dashboard Friday.

Due to the learning curve required to update the dashboard, the district announced that it would pause its updates until such time as the incidence rate of the virus rises above 80 cases per 100,000 people. While Bell County will not update their dashboard, other counties and local school districts are continuing to do so.

Milam County showed on its website Friday that they had five active cases of COVID-19, with three people currently hospitalized. The county has seen 1,446 total cases and 48 deaths.

Coryell County updated its website Thursday showing 112 active cases of the virus. The county has seen a total of 5,316 reported cases of the virus, 5,149 people having recovered and 55 deaths.

Lampasas County reported one new death, for a new total of 29, with seven active cases of COVID-19. The county currently has one person in the hospital with the virus, having seen 2,198 total reported cases.

The county also updated the number of people who have been fully vaccinated, which is now 5,316.

School districts

Temple Independent School District continued to not see any new cases of COVID-19 among any of its campuses. spokesman Christian Hernandez said. He said the district plans to not update its dashboard anymore starting Monday, following the health district’s lead.  

Belton ISD reported having nine active cases of the virus on its online dashboard Friday. One case was at Tarver Elementary, two at Lake Belton Middle School, five at Belton High School and one at Lake Belton High School.

Salado ISD Superintendent Michael Novotny said the district continued not to have any new or active cases of the virus among its staff or students.

Killeen ISD showed on its dashboard Friday that it had seen 13 total cases of the virus in the past seven days, with nine students and four staff members.

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The tyrannical, unconstitutional, and unnecessary COVID restrictions won’t end until we rise up and engage in mass civil disobedience. As long as we are compliant and thank the communist Biden regime for little tidbits of freedoms (given out to only those who are “vaccinated”) that we already SHOULD HAVE as American citizens, the tyrannical restrictions will continue indefinitely. There will be more COVID “waves” and “variants” that will be used as an excuse to keep restrictions in place and probably create new restrictions. WE need to let “them” know that we have HAD ENOUGH.


CDC Director Rochelle Walensky was asked on CNN if anyone who has been fullly vaccinated has died of Covid-19. The number apparently is 223, but the mental gymnastics she goes through to get there is astounding.

She responds:

Not all of those 223 cases who had covid actually died of Covid. They may have had mild disease but died, for example, of a heart attack.

So for anyone who died of anything last year but happened to have Covid, their death was marked as Covid-19. But now, if anyone dies with Covid after being fully vaccinated... but there are other comorbidities... Covid will not be considered the cause of death. Funny how that works.

The CDC is an embarrassment.

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