Salvation Army McLane Center of Hope

Lts. Aaron and Chantel Millin are the officers assigned to the Salvation Army McLane Center of Hope in Temple.

Moving to a new city is a way of life for Salvation Army officers and their families.

As dedicated pastors and leaders, Salvation Army officers serve wherever their skills are most needed. The average assignment in any one location is three to five years, so when Lts. Aaron and Chantel Millin of the Salvation Army in Bell County recently received a call from Salvation Army leadership saying it was time to pack up and move, it was not completely unexpected.

After serving three years in Bell County, the Millins will make the move to Houston, where they will serve the Salvation Army in that community. Their last day of service here in Bell County will be June 21.

Lt. David Beckham is scheduled to arrive in late June to lead the Salvation Army McLane Center of Hope in Temple. His most recent appointment has been in Houston.

“We know that God has great plans for the Salvation Army in Bell County and are grateful that we were appointed here for our first appointment,” the Millins said in a news release. “While we look forward to what God has in store for us in Houston, we will deeply miss our friends and partners in Bell County. We have been blessed to work among people truly dedicated to serving others and would particularly like to thank our advisory board for their hard work, dedication and support during our time here.”

The Millins came to Temple from Atlanta in June 2017. During their time in Temple, a Salvation Army news release said, the Millins increased the depth of the social services provided to community members by working alongside their social services director to increase the grant dollars coming into Bell County. These funds helped prevent homelessness by providing rent and utility assistance. They also helped rehouse more than 450 people through grant funding, the release said.

Additionally, through a grant with the Veterans Administration, they were able to open a men’s shelter permanently, the release said.

The Millins worked to improve the finances for the Salvation Army by not only working to acquire new donors, but stretching donor dollars as far as they could, the release said. In 2019 the Millins were given the additional responsibility of overseeing Killeen and immediately began evaluating ways that they could better serve the community members there.

For information about the Salvation Army, contact the office at 419 West Ave. G in Temple or call 254-774-9996. People can support the work of the Salvation Army by making a donation online at or by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY.

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