The city of Belton is slated to move forward with two major projects following recent Council approval: the 2021 Street & Utility Improvements Project and the South Belton Sewer System Phase II.

Scott Hodde, interim assistant director of public works, said the 2021 Street & Utility Improvements Project — which was awarded to Cedar Park-based Texas Materials Group for a bid of $586,230 — will improve several neighborhood roadways.

Since the Belton City Council adopted a five-year Street Maintenance Plan in 2014, approximately 34 percent of Belton’s streets have undergone preservation, according to the city of Belton.

Construction preparation of some of the remaining streets will include sweeping the designated roads, blading back grass and leveling certain areas.

“We’re planning to two-inch mill the full width of pavement with a two-inch asphalt overlay,” Hodde said. “There also will be adjustments to manholes in certain areas and valve covers replaced throughout the project.”

He also noted how asphalt has been allocated for other necessary repairs as they appear.

“We also have a certain amount of asphalt tonnage for soft spots should (crews) see any or find any they can repair,” Hodde said.

Although Hodde said the project could take a maximum of four months, the interim assistant director of public works stressed that his department expects construction to be completed sooner.

Public Works Director Angellia Points said many of the streets that will be addressed in this project are in dire need of repairs.

“When we did our drive by, those were some of the worst streets in those neighborhoods,” she said. “I know they’re not heavily trafficked but they’re in really bad shape. We’ve done quite a bit of work in that neighborhood and that’s to kind of round it out a bit.”

Any change orders associated with the contract will not exceed the amount authorized under state law, according to the city of Belton.

Meanwhile, the second phase of the South Belton Sewer System project was awarded to Belton-based Bell Contractors Inc. for a bid of $5,490,480.33 — a project that includes the installation of gravity sewer lines along Toll Bridge Road and the Interstate 35 service road.

Approximately 1,727 acres of land will be impacted, according to the city of Belton.

Points said the project, which is fully funded from the 2016 Utility Certificate of Obligations Fund, will bring sewer service to these previously unserved areas.

She is hopeful that the project can break ground by June 1.

“The project will take a little over a year to construct … hopefully by July 2022 if everything goes well,” Points said.

Councilmember David K. Leigh is excited for further improvements — like the South Belton Sewer Project — to be completed in the city of Belton.

“I love ‘to-dones’ better than ‘to-dos,’ so I’m really excited to get this one done,” he said during the meeting.

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