Temple City Secretary Lacy Borgeson retired from her position earlier this month after more than two decades of service.

Borgeson, who has been on leave since November, notified the city of her decision to retire on Jan. 9 and retired on the same day. The Temple City Council unanimously voted last Thursday to name Deputy City Secretary Stephanie Hedrick as interim city secretary until the position can be filled.

Officials said the City Council will discuss how they plan to fill Borgeson’s position Thursday during an executive session.

“I appreciate Ms. Borgeson’s 21 years of dedicated service to the city of Temple,” City Manager Brynn Myers said. “I have never met anyone who was as passionate as Lacy about running local elections. I wish her the best in her retirement.”

Officials said they are still working on a retirement agreement.

Borgeson first joined the city in August 1998, and worked in several administrative positions in the Temple Police department and the City Secretary’s Office. In November 2010, Borgeson was named deputy city secretary and was later named city secretary less than a year later in September 2011.

Gabrielle Klepper, Borgeson’s attorney, said the former city secretary decided to retire after feeling the city was not doing enough to address some issues she had.

“The departure may seem sudden, but it was not, as Ms. Borgeson has been in discussions with the city regarding her retirement since November 2019,” Klepper said. “Ms. Borgeson did not feel that the city did enough to address several concerns she had, and decided it was best to retire after 21 years of dedicated service with the city.”

Klepper did not elaborate on what those issues were.

Temple spokeswoman Laurie Simmons said the city had looked into Borgeson’s concerns and were not able to substantiate them.

Klepper said that Borgeson plans to stay in Temple after her retirement to enjoy time with her family.

The city ran into a problem with issuing birth and death certificates after Borgeson’s departure, but made an agreement with her to use her signature and name for birth and death certificates until a new city secretary is named.

Hedrick, the interim city secretary, is a Temple native who has been with the city since September 2018. Hedrick graduated from Temple High School and is a lifelong resident of the city.

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