While much of the world is under various stages of lockdown, it was heartening to know the Earth was still turning out there, wildflowers were blooming unabated, and creeks continued meandering across bedrock, singing a soothing lullaby.

Blue skies and bluebonnets. A two-lane, country road carving its way through lush, green hills. A lazy creek trickling over granite and limestone outcroppings. And a yawning, craggy uplift rising hundreds of feet above the valley floor. As we cruised along the scenic Willow City Loop in Gillespie County, the stunning vistas continued unabated. Other than a few ranch houses and windmills, human hands have left a pristine landscape almost untouched.  

“It feels like we’re in a different country, or state,” my wife Diane said as we rounded a bend with another fantastic view of distant hills unfolding before us.


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So besides trespassing you flaunt the emergency orders of virtually every county in the state of Texas to drive aimlessly around for no express purpose other than your own pleasure.

Although it's true, we're not under a shelter in place order, travel has been restricted in many places to essential needs only. It's people like you who insist on wandering around for no other reason than you're bored that will prolong this pandemic for everyone!

How selfish!

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