LULAC national president visits Temple

Cutline: National president of the League of United Latin American citizens Domingo Garcia, right, spoke to Temple Mayor pro tem Judy Morales, left, and veteran Fidel Acevedo on Saturday after talking to the Temple chapter of the organization. Garcia was in town for the LULAC state board’s quarterly board meeting, which was held in Temple.

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Workforce issues, employment and questions over the upcoming census were all key issues talked about by the national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, who came to Temple Saturday.

The group’s national president Domingo Garcia spoke to local members Saturday afternoon about a wide range of current and historical topics affecting Latinos. Garcia was in Temple as part of the LULAC’s quarterly state board meeting, which the local chapter hosted.

LULAC District 17 director Rosa Hernandez said Garcia’s visit was both informative and showed that the local area was important enough for someone of his status to visit.

“(We appreciated) his support of our district and coming into Temple and letting us know that he is behind us on anything we need to work together on,” Hernandez said. “Just having his support shows us that District 17 that we are important enough for him to visit.”

Garcia talked about many areas in which LULAC is working, including a problem of mistranslated tests that cause lower grades and workforce equality in pay.

A timely issue of Garcia’s talk Saturday was the upcoming U.S. census and what that means for those who might be uncertain of their documentation status. Hernandez said a concern for many was if Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents could use the cover of census workers to be let inside.

“They were letting residents know to confirm it is a census worker because they should be properly marked,” Hernandez said. “Because once you open the door, it is like inviting ICE in. That is a major concern.”

Garcia also talked about a few of his exchanges with some of the Democratic presidential nominees at the LULAC presidential town hall last week. Garcia said he had asked the candidates their plans to decrease the wage gap between Latino workers and their white counterparts.

Hernandez said Garcia also encouraged the Temple division of the group to work towards having more workshops and training opportunities for its older and younger members.

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