Expo Center vaccine clinic

Pfc. Cesar Cazarez, left, Sgt. Adam Lopez and Tech Sgt. Danny Rash, all of the Texas Army National Guard, await applicants Sunday afternoon for free Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines at the Bell County Expo Center in Belton.

BELTON — Bell County Emergency Management partnered with the Texas Army National Guard this past weekend in a dispensation of free Pfizer COVID-19 vaccinations at the Bell Coun- ty Expo Center in Belton.

On Saturday afternoon, Staff Sgt. Steven Kuczera said it had been a slow day, with only about 13 people showing up, most of them for second doses of Pfizer vaccinations received two weeks ago.

On Sunday afternoon, Sgt. Adam Lopez said they had a steady stream of people.

“It hasn’t been super busy,” Lopez said.

Kuczera said the modus ope-randi was for people to drive up to the check-in area, sign a consent form and receive a vaccination card. They could be vaccinated through a car window, an open car door or could step outside.

“Whatever is comfortable for them,” Kuczera said.

The team also was ready to give a first-time vaccination or a booster shot for those who are “immuno compromised,” he said, such as an elderly person or someone with cancer.

Pfizer has been authorized for children ages 12-17, he said, “as long as they have a legal guardian with them.”

“We have been coming out here for the last few months,” he said. “As long as Bell County requests us, we’ll be out here.”

Specialist Will Cabrera, a medic who had just come on shift Saturday afternoon, was prepared to give the next batch of shots. There were six Guard members on the team, he said.

“We had more earlier,” he said of vaccine applicants. “It’s really slow right now.”

As a medic, he said he usually gives the shot high on the shoulder, in the deltoid muscle.

The team has to make sure the person is staying on either Pfizer or Moderna.

“We have only Pfizer,” he said. “Some sites also have Moderna.”

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