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Temple Independent School District’s $178.3 million Proposition A bond remained defeated Monday following a recount over the weekend.

Jeannette Compean, chief deputy of the Bell County Elections Department, told the Commissioners Court during their workshop Monday that the recount did not shift the outcome of the bond election. The recount was requested by the political action committee Vote Yes For Our Kids, not the district.

The district’s Proposition A would have funded nearly 30 projects throughout the district, including a new $38.2 million southeast elementary school.

The county had previously certified the bond election with the measure having been defeated by two votes. Officials reported that 1,967 residents voted against the resolution and 1,965 voted in favor.

The bond had a second measure, for $6.6 to fund improvements to Temple’s Wildcat Stadium, which failed with a greater margin and was not put forward for a recount.

Compean said there was nothing else the county needed to do in regards to the recall vote, following questions from commissioners.

“Our part as far as providing them with the records is done, now they just take care of the rest,” Compean said.

Election officials spent about seven hours Saturday for the recount, starting at 10 a.m. and ending at about 5 p.m.

Compean said that the county is anticipating the district to try putting forward the measure once again next year for the May 7 election.

Temple ISD Superintendent Bobby Ott said the district has not made any decision yet if it would pursue a similar bond next year. He said the district plans on talking to residents and finding out how best to pursue future bonds.

The district, Ott said, has been operating since Election Day as if the bond did not pass and has been looking at other ways forward.

“I think one thing that is obvious is that, in looking at future modifications, reengaging with the community is the first step,” Ott said. “The second step would be looking at what improvements or what changes would need to be made for us to even consider going back out. And none of that has been decided at this point.”

The May 7 election will also include various municipal elections for cities around the county, such as the District 1 and District 4 City Council races in Temple.

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