Temple firefighter and emergency medical technician Cole Eason has honored his late father by raising money for a fully accessible summer camp in Central Texas.

To date, Eason has raised more than $52,000 for Peaceable Kingdom by Variety in honor of his late father, Val Eason.

July 10 marked the 12th annual Val Eason Memorial Golf Tournament, in which more than $10,500 was raised this year.

“Just two months before Val Eason succumbed to cancer, he and his son, Cole, played a round of golf together at a charity event as a way to remember a good friend,” the organization said in a news release.

Now, Cole organizes an annual tournament to celebrate the memory of his father and support area children living with special needs.

“This tournament means so much to me every year because it’s a way for me to enjoy a round of golf with my Dad again,” Eason said. “All while having his name represent a bunch of folks having some fun with friends and family, on the golf course for a few hours, so we can help create some amazing experiences and opportunities for some amazing children.”

Val Eason’s legacy lives on in the joy of thousands of children and families who visit Peaceable Kingdom every year, the release said.

“Being able to donate to Peaceable Kingdom every year, seeing the facility grow to create these experiences, is truly a blessing that we are grateful for every single player, sponsor, and volunteer that makes this happen year after year,” Eason said. “Here’s to $100k in the future!”

The Val Eason Memorial Golf Tournament is tentatively scheduled for July 16, 2022.

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