The Temple Independent School District was honored with a national award for its excellence in financial reporting.

The Association of School Business Officials International honored the school district with a certificate of excellence for its fiscal year 2019 comprehensive annual financial report. This was the first time that the organization has honored the Temple school district, officials said.

TISD’s Chief Financial Officer Kallen Vaden said she was proud of her team and those who worked for several months to put the information together for the award.

“This is something that has been a goal of mine for a long time now and to finally be able to accomplish that took a lot of work on many people’s parts in the district,” Vaden said.

The award was given to the school district due to the district preparing more information than normal for a normally mandated annual financial report.

District officials put together a much larger report that went into much more detail about the district and the area. Vaden said the district gathered information from multiple sources for the application for the award.

Officials spent several months gathering the information for the report, some of which spanned 10 years worth of records.

Vaden said she plans on continuing to apply for the award each year to maintain the same standard for the school district. She said work on future applications will be quicker due to having compiled all of the needed historical information.

Temple ISD Superintendent Bobby Ott said he was happy that this award helps shine a light on some of the staff that help the district run but might not get much attention normally.

Ott said these sorts of awards, which go above and beyond what is normally required of a school district, help show how the district compares to its peers. He felt this level of achievement from staff was expected by the community.

“I am proud (the staff is) getting the recognition they deserve,” Ott said. “Honestly, I think (winning awards) is an expectation of our families and communities. They expect Temple ISD to be a top-tier school district, and we need to demonstrate that every chance we get.”

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