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Those looking for birth and death records in Temple temporarily have to look to Bell County for their documents instead of the city.

For the next two weeks, those looking to get the records will now have to visit the Bell County Clerk’s office in Belton instead of the City Secretary’s office in Temple. The reason for this change is because Temple City Secretary Lacy Borgeson retired after 21 years of service in the city.

All of the documents the Temple City Secretary’s office uses to the birth and death records have Borgeson’s name and signature on them, which is now unable to be used after her retirement, officials said.

The change is temporary and the city will resume its normal practices in about two weeks when the new documents are available, officials said. The city also said they can only send the request for the new certificates after the City Council officially appoints Stephanie Hedrick as the interim city secretary on Thursday.

“While working out the transition with staff, the city realized the paper for birth and death certificates needs to be updated to ensure that all records provided from the City Secretary’s office are valid,” Temple spokeswoman Laurie Simmons said. “All past records with her name are valid; we just can’t issue any more with her name after her date of retirement.”

Those who need same-day short-form birth and death certificates will be able to go to the County Clerk’s office at 1201 Huey Drive in Belton.

For those needing same-day service for their long-form certificates, residents will need to make their way to the Texas Department of State Health Services, 1100 W. 49th St. in Austin.

City officials said those who are not in a rush to get their paperwork can order their records online at dshs.texas.gov.

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