The Temple High School Class of 1970 has given an endowed scholarship to the Temple Education Foundation to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

The Class of 1970 scholarship, with the first year dedicated in memory of Dr. Bob Pappas, was presented to the Temple Education Foundation Tuesday afternoon at the TISD Administration Building.

Ann Dunn of the Class of 1970 provided the initial gift in memory of a classmate of Pappas.

“Bob Pappas reflected his passion of teaching and empowering students to the strength of diversity in culture, character, ethnicity, lifelong experiences and learning,” according to a news release from the Temple Education Foundation. “These become invaluable as the student defines and refines their higher ed journeys and goals.”

Dunn’s gift set the stage for other classmates to join in with her to establish an endowed scholarship with TEF.

Patrick Mullins, president of the Class of 1970, said he feels certain that significant additional funds will be raised although the class has seen their 50th anniversary delayed until 2021.

“Temple Wildcat Classmates of 1970 are extraordinarily generous, and we look forward to reporting to the Temple Education Foundation the total we will be adding to Ann’s generous initial donation,” Mullins said. “This endowed scholarship will continue to grow as gifts are added over the years.”

Endowed scholarships allow donors to leave a legacy through providing a permanent asset that benefits students, TEF said in the release.

“Because of the generosity of this gift, Temple High School graduating seniors will be able to pursue their dream of continuing their education beyond high school. TEF is deeply grateful for the Class of 1970 and their commitment to the success of young people from Temple schools,” Kristy Brischke, TEF executive director, said.

“It is our hope that both past and future classes of Temple High School will be inspired to follow our lead and impact generations of Wildcats to come,” Mullins said. “Giving back brings us joy and we are very happy to support a school system we love,” stated Patrick Mullins.

In 2020, TEF awarded $116,000 in scholarships to THS graduating seniors, and gave away nearly $53,000 in innovative teaching grants to Temple ISD faculty.

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