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HOUSTON, July 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Kathy Ireland welcomed Curran Biotech founder, Professor Shay Curran, and Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Ken Russell, on her weekly Fox Business Network show and showcased Curran Biotech's Capture Coating, which is contributing to the safety of filtered air.

"The air gets through, the liquid doesn't! That's amazing!" exclaimed an excited Kathy Ireland.

Curran described the process as "a nanocoating that can remove nanoparticles of COVD-19 from the air by using air filtration systems." Rather than just using a form of detergent to kill bacteria, viruses, or fungi in real-time—having no lasting benefit—Curran Biotech addresses the problem of protecting buildings from transmission differently: a new approach of stopping contagions at the surface of air filters without compromising airflow, energy-efficiency, and HVAC operational set points.

Curran Biotech CEO, Eileen Mellon, added: "Capture Cating … is a key element in getting our economy back up and running by keeping the air clean in indoor spaces. It allows people to gather safely indoors—that means our cinemas, restaurants, our workplaces, our schools can open again safely." The coating is easy to apply and rejects liquid-based contaminants like COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2, influenzas—even rhinoviruses.

"As the CDC has just said, air filtration is the key area that we need to focus on to make sure we win this fight against COVID," continued Mellon.

Curran Biotech treated filters operate normally with regard to dust and other dry particulates but reject aqueous/liquid-phase contaminants. Because the coronavirus in its most infectious state is surrounded by an aqueous liquid-phase environment, Capture Coating physically stops the virus at the surface of the air filter.

Standard air filters are rated using the MERV system—Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV rated 8 filters are typical). With the Curran Biotech Capture Coating, filters perform better with regard to viral protection—outperforming higher rated filters—without impacting airflow (static air pressure). "At the molecular level", says Russell, Capture Coating changes what the fabric of an air filter does: "the virus stops at the filter, but the air flows through." The solution is available now from distributors and retailers across the globe.

Camden Property Trust, an innovative multifamily operator, uses Capture Coating at almost all of their 165 community portfolio common area HVAC systems nationwide. "We appreciate the innovative and realistic approach of making use of these types of products for the benefit of our team members and residents" - Ben Mills, Vice President of Construction and Facilities.

Dr. Donald Birx, President of Plymouth State University, includes Curran Biotech's Capture Coating as part of a multi-tiered approach to operating a large university campus. "We have a responsibility for establishing and maintaining safe, productive learning environments. Our COVID response efforts include social distancing, masking, and leveraging the Curran Biotech solution to help clean our air. We are especially pleased with the ease of installation and the low cost for each filter."

"Because of the pandemic," says Russell, "we've all changed, so having the ability to be a little more protected—just by changing our filter—and coating our filter with Capture Coating, can make a big difference."

About Curran Biotech

Curran Biotech is a materials manufacturing company that provides nanocoatings to biochemical, chemical, energy, and construction industries including water-repellent and virus-stopping coatings for fabrics/filters. The newest product, Capture Coating, is designed and formulated for all types of fabrics/filter media using patented nanotechnology that imparts superhydrophobicity, non-toxicity, and breathability.

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Worldwide Business is weekly half-hour show hosted by business mogul, Kathy Ireland, that features global executives sharing their business insights and framing the opportunities shaping their industries. Kathy interviews some of the brightest minds in business today. Miss the episode? Curran Biotech's segment with Kathy Ireland is available on the Worldwide Business social media network pages as well as the Curran Biotech website ( YouTube channel: (

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