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HOUSTON, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- INT is pleased to announce the newest release of its enterprise data visualization platform, IVAAP™ 2.8. This release includes new, game-changing machine learning capabilities utilizing IVAAP's services-based architecture to quickly plug new processes and workflows into IVAAP's data visualization admin.

As energy companies are in the process of ingesting data and migrating to the cloud to empower search and work with their energy data, one key piece — leveraging machine learning and processing — becomes even more important to help them automate their workflows.

IVAAP can now connect to any machine learning or processing service, allowing users to execute a complete, end-to-end workflow all in one platform. For data scientists, this means they can easily connect the dots — they can consume data, trigger and execute processing or machine learning models in a simple way, and visualize the results of their data science quickly. Once complete, the workflow can write the results back to the selected cloud storage and the output can be visualized instantly.

Product owners can offer their end users a robust, web-based platform with a dynamic UI leveraging self-describing JSON technology to generate dialogs on the fly without a costly rebuild or time-intensive redeploy. These model dialogs mean users can select relevant data and parameters, start processing, and visualize the process output, all in one platform.

"Machine learning and AI are at the forefront of the current data revolution, so it was important for us to explore and create new ways to interact with data science and deliver intuitive user experience that developers can easily build," said Hugues Thevoux-Chabuel, Vice President, Cloud Solutions at INT. "Many of our clients have asked how to easily connect to their existing models and programs to consume their data without having these services hard-coded and difficult to invoke and maintain."

This IVAAP release also features a new basemap widget, a reporting widget, improvements to IVAAP's schematics display, including new 2D deviated schematics plus additional visualization in 3D, such as perforations, casing, casing shoe, and tubing. IVAAP supports integration with all major cloud providers — AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM — and supports on-premise installations.

IVAAP is an upstream visualization platform that enables search and visualization of energy, geophysical and production data in the cloud. It allows product owners, developers, and architects to rapidly build next-level subsurface digital solutions anywhere without having to start from scratch.

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INT software empowers energy companies to visualize their complex data (geoscience, well, surface reservoir, equipment in 2D/3D). INT offers a visualization platform (IVAAP) and libraries (GeoToolkit) that developers can use with their data ecosystem to deliver subsurface solutions (Exploration, Drilling, Production). INT's powerful HTML5/JavaScript technology can be used for data aggregation, API services, high-performance visualization of G&G and energy data in a browser. INT simplifies complex subsurface data visualization.

For more information about IVAAP or INT's other data visualization products, please visit

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