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DALLAS, July 19, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- FixMyCar offers a modern way for consumers that value convenience, transparency, and fair pricing to have their car repair and maintenance needs to be completed almost effortlessly. The mobile mechanic company has flipped the script on the traditional auto repair experience. Until now, customers desperate to avoid getting trapped in a repair shop or dealerships waiting room for hours on end would have to catch a ride to and from the auto shop, which often led to an underwhelming experience.

FixMyCar's solution to this longstanding problem is amazingly simple; instead of coordinating getting the vehicle to the shop around the shop's schedule, FixMyCar will send one of their Master or ASE-Certified mechanic right to the car at the customer's location, all on the customer's schedule. Beyond just modernizing the actual repair process, they also refreshed the process to obtain the quote itself.

When the mobile mechanic company was featured on Fox 2 Detroit recently, the company claimed that getting a car repair or maintenance quote through them eliminated the usual requirement of having to navigate a minefield of questionable upsells and hidden fees. Instead, they offer instant transparent fixed price quotes upfront, which can be easily obtained online at or by calling (855) 419-7757.

Covid accelerated the world's usage of remote offerings, but car repair customers have always been hesitant about using any shop or dealership, sometimes rightly so. However, the company claims to help customers overcome these doubts by offering a 2 Year / 24K mile warranty and not charging until the customer is satisfied. This customer-first approach, combined with the convenience of their mechanics operating in a mobile compacity, has helped earn the title of "the Future of Auto Repair."

FixMyCar has just announced a new oil change membership program; customers can get name-brand synthetic oil changes for the same price or less than the drive-through oil change shops. The mobile oil change program gives members up to 4 annual oil changes delivered to their doorsteps and includes both parts and labor. A unique feature is an auto-scheduling feature, which is claimed to help you never miss a routine oil change again, thus helping to prolong the vehicle's life. In addition, the oil changes included in the plan can be used on any vehicle, making it an excellent and affordable option for families with multiple cars.

But what about the quality of the service provided? One satisfied customer left a review on their Greater Detroit Area location on Google Maps that says, "After Using FIX MY CAR, I Will Never Go To A Repair Shop Ever Again." Another customer from Trust Pilot shared his story, "FixMyCar came to install a new alternator, but it turned out the problem was just a broken belt that cost me $4.39. So, he saved me $195.00 that I will get back when I return the not-needed alternator!" Finally, one happy customer stated, "In five minutes, their mobile mechanic found the problem. I've used 2-3 other mechanics before that ripped me off for a lot of money. But Ralph is the most honest, respectful, and professional mechanic you'll ever find."

And pricing? According to a FixMyCar blog post, using one of their mobile mechanics not only saves time and provides excellent customer service, but a customer can expect to see prices up to 30% less than what a typical garage charges.

Mobile mechanics prove you don't need a purpose-built auto garage to get the job done right. Instead, the FixMyCar-approved professionals have all the gear necessary to handle issues typically completed at a repair shop, right in their truck! Their car repair and maintenance services include car batteries, brake pads and rotors, starter, alternators, serpentine belts, heating/AC systems, radiators, thermostats, water pumps, sensors, lights, wipers, fluids, and more.

To learn more about the benefits of bringing car repair services to you or to book an appointment, visit their official website at

About: FixMyCar is a fast-growing mobile mechanic company that currently serves Southeast Michigan and the Houston, Dallas & Fort-Worth areas of TX. They provide mobile car repair and maintenance services and work on most makes and models. Customers can get transparent fixed-priced quotes in just a few minutes. Customers are only billed after they are satisfied with the services, and all services are backed by a two-year / 24K mile warranty.

Contact Info:

Organization Name: FixMyCar

Address: Serving Metro Detroit Area, MI, Dallas, TX Fort Worth, TX, and Houston, TX

Business Phone Number: 855-419-7757

Media Contact

Nick Graziano, FixMyCar, +1 855-419-7757,



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