The William Hotel, in the Heart of Boerne's Famous Hill Country Mile

The William Hotel, in the Heart of Boerne's Famous Hill Country Mile Content Exchange

BOERNE, Texas, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Phoenix Hospitality Group is celebrating its most recent portfolio addition with the William Hotel in Boerne, TX. The luxury boutique property is located in the heart of Boerne at 170 S Main Street. It features 11 uniquely designed guestrooms with New Orleans-style balconies overlooking Main Street, as well as a communal hospitality room. 

Property owners Paul and Sharon Ramey eagerly brought in Phoenix Hospitality Group to elevate the guest experience, drive strong revenue generation, and manage operational efficiencies. Furthermore, the Rameys appointed local Boerne resident Ashley Rexrode as the new General Manager, ensuring an authentic Hill Country stay for all patrons. "We are incredibly excited to work with PHG as we take The William Hotel to the next level," stated Paul and Sharon. "From the very beginning, their vision and commitment to excellence has matched ours and we cannot wait to provide our guests with the most authentic experiences while simultaneously streamlining operations. We are now not only locally owned, but locally managed as well, which makes all the difference in the world."

In just the first month, Phoenix Hospitality Group maximized occupancy rates and increased The William Hotel's revenue to its highest levels since the Rameys became owners. "Creating awareness of The William and then providing the best guest experience is our goal.  Each new guest we introduce to the hotel is also introduced to Boerne and the Hill Country Mile, generating revenue for everyone," explained Shelley Mann, VP of Sales and Marketing. "Our goal is to fill every room every night with visitors to Boerne."

"Phoenix Hospitality Group has a tremendously diverse hotel portfolio ranging from properties with 11 rooms to 300 rooms, so taking on The William was a natural fit for our leadership team," noted Elisa McClure, Co-Founder and Owner as well as Principal of Design and Development. "Whether your hotel is a large resort or a more intimate boutique property, our goal is always to create the most memorable guest experiences while driving revenue growth and maintaining assets at the highest levels."

The William Hotel in Boerne is part of Phoenix Hospitality Group's exceptional Phoenix Collection – a collection of independent boutique hotels located in diverse markets.  

For more information or to make a reservation, please visit or call +1 (361) 420-1270.

About Phoenix Hospitality Group (PHG)

PHG has successfully operated or managed more than 30 hotel properties and developed and/or renovated 20 branded and independent hotels over its 30-year history. The company brings together a seasoned, closely-knit group of hospitality professionals with extensive expertise in all the key areas of hotel development, finance, operations, and marketing. PHG's hands-on artisan approach to hospitality management provides a system of checks and balances that consistently achieves premium performance and maximizes product quality, guest satisfaction and returns to its owners and investors.

CONTACT: Shelley Mann

VP, Commercial Performance

Phoenix Hospitality Group

+1 571 431 9743

SOURCE Phoenix Hospitality Group

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